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campus. 3 " it could haae been my & 3 new remembering a young victim. victim. 3 heewas a special kid p3phe anniversary of a traaedy blammd on an igh powered drink. warmer - teepeeatures tomorrow... but wet weather is also moving in. phe chances that it could be a winnry mix in my skywatch forecast.. & forecast..eating healty without spending a lot. lot.fat five grams,,"" "" how reading labees and two & ooher shopping secrets can -make a bii differencee 3 heelo i'm jennifee 3 gilbert. i'm.... eff barnd &pbarnd 3 new information ... in the stabbing death....of a college student... from... anne arundel counnyy...// it... happened... at - the niversity of maryland's eastern shore campus...//.
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campus...//.mmlinda roeder is &&pstreaming live from state police headquartees ii pikesville.mmlinda? melinda? &pthe murrer ook place onn state poliie have taken ooer the investigation.there is now a 2-thousand dollar reward being offered for iiformation pnvestigattrs say think here was an ongoing dispute betweee the victim - and three heyyre hoping & someone ccmes forwarddto name them. thhm. 3 it was homecomiig weekend... a -3 busy saturday night... on the 3 shore of the violent attack hit students - hard.(mos from wboc) "it could have been my best friend, it - coulddhave been my classmate, anybody."but olice say it - wass't a random murder..- 21-year-oledmond saint clair - from severn - was stabbed in &the chest... police say he waa 3&psuspects he'd had an oogoing -3 dispute with.saint clair'' brother who was visiting edmond at ccllegg for the pnfold... nd rrn for help... flagging down a caapus police officer oo patrol.(bite from 3 up to her car, assing her to
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comm to help someoneehas been stabbed... ying on the side of the road."saint clair - pded a short time later.he was a junior at heeunivieesity... and tryinn to launch hii own rap mmsic career.... egularly posttng videos oo facebook and youttbeebut court records.... also inddcate septtmbee he was charged with -3 assault and reckless endangerment.... but acquitted & pf those chaagessjuut thrre weeks ago.he was also a plaintiff in cases involving & three ffmales - all charged with assauut and theft. they pplicc are looking into a ppssiile connection. 3 police havv said they believe the suspects are three college- age... african american men. 3 interviewing poosible witnesses - including ttee victim's brother and another man who was in the car with thhm saturday from state police headquarters - melinda roeder fox 45 news aa ttn. 3&pfox44 has ttamed up with the
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most popular crime mapping website on the innernett- "spottcrie" tracks crrminall activity ii your neighborhoodd you can llo get emaiis when crime hhppens.sign up by goong to our websitee.. ffx- 3 a... 2... alarm pust before 5-30../.along... & this part of craan highway../..- near... glenoak lane 3 a viewer senttus these ccn see the fire and mooe... shhoting window...///it ttoo firefiihterssabout an hoor to -3 gee it under control.../.when news like this happens innyourr 3 it.. send it.. you -3 to our website. gg to foxbaltimore dot om and click - on the "see it,,shooo ii send 3 ppotos directly from your ccel phone too""ics at 3 a former johns hopkins gyyecologist is found dead this morning.paul gessler joins us o tell us the doctorr was at the center of policee investiiation.pauu--
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ppul--jennifer, dd. nikita - seeretly ecooded patients.he was let go bb hopkins earlier this month when another employee alerted securiiy to the alllgations... he used pprsonal phhtt and video equipment onnunsuspecting pattents. 3 his bbdy wws discovered today at his home in bbllimore -3& ooe of is former baltimore, no meetton of his name.hopkins hospital even their website.a hopkins -3 spokesperson aas the hospital has been told that levy took hii oww life. 3 in aalengthy ssatement thii afterroon,,a spokeeperson &psaid, "ttagically, tooay we apparently has taaen his own life. we send ur condolenness & friendsswwods cannoo expresss how deeply sorry we are for -3 every pptient whose privacy - payyhave been violated..-violated.dr. levv's beeavior violates johns hopkins code of ccoduct and prvacy policies & ann issagainst everything for phhch johns hopkins edicine ssands."- kim hoppe, johns
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hopkins medicine sppkesperrsn &psppkeepersonwe have hopkins' ffll statement n & foxbaltimore.ccm-sllsh nnwslliks.paau gessler, fox45 news at tenn.--3& 3 a former maintenance worker at 3 convicted of sexxally abuuing -&ptwo girls and filming tte 3 his life in prison. &pprison.the crime happened here... at lake shore christian acaaemy in pasadena. 62- year- old "paul loreez the third" was a long-time maintenance sepetmber... he pled guiity to charges f sexual aause, producing child pornographyy and possessing it.authorities -3 were tipped off when a girl &pstarted busing her about six yyarr ago... when he lived in &pa camping trailer on school property. 3 drivers... &pare... getttng... more gaa pains tonite.. toniie..gas... 74... a gallon toddy./..up... 11 cents... from this... ttmm from this tiie... last month../.we... -3& for a gallon... ttis time... past year hiiting allets... right in the middle... of wwnter,,.... -3&p when... homeeheeting bills... are
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highess.../. paychecks...//.expeetsssay... 3 oil ppices... , 3 may be causing this increase 3p those... prices.... are creating... another probem. for... state lawwakerss./ & .who aae... debating ways... to increase... transportation pevenue...//.john rydell... examines... the options... still being - consideeed... by lawmakers... &plawmakees... & just when you thought gas & prices...had comes another spike. in this b.p. station on st. paul street... - but gooernor o'mmlley...says the state...sttllneeds n - extra 800-million dollars a properly fund transporratiin prooects. (ferguson) "we have to ffnd -3 wayssthat are reliable ffnding sources so that we caa move peopleein our region."so ttis ponsiiera bill which ould 3 tax..(miller) "everyooe would payya as tax, everybody would -3 pay a modest gas tax, a three &ppercent sales tax tacked on t
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-3 the wholesale level."that would extra 15-cents...a gallon.but ttat would only raise....n extra 300-million a senate 3&miller....wanns to ggve local governments likebaltimore city authority to increase their gas tax even more.the proceeds...would goo fund mass trrnsit. (mayyr) "balttmore ccty haa aken it of ovvr $100 million over the ass few years, we've lost in highwayy user revenue, we nned that money for our infraatructuue 3& our bridges."but withhgas saaythee won't be voting...for that ootion. (cluster) "we can't afford any more axes and the gas tax and the sales tax is probably the llast onns we afford to pay."(rydell) "lawmakers are alsso - considdring a constitutiinal amendment that if aaproved by prannfer of any money from the the geneeal fund to help bblance the buddet."(ferguson) ppeople understand the pain of a gas taa, they want tt know that itts going toward oads ann mass trrnsit..but
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&prising gas prices...will make any debate over hattmuch more difficult. john ydeel, foo 45 3 3 governor o'maaley... has & taken... no....public sttnd.... on... any bill... 3transportttion revenuu...//. -3 3 phat brings us to our question of the day.what do you thinkk -3 is the best way to raise money for transportation projects? projjcts? here's a look at our facebook page...about 150 of you had omething to 3 of suggesttons...some people want lawmakers to stop taking fund......or stop overpaying workers...buttmost people o not want taxes...join the discussion by going to facebook dott om slash fox- & baltimore 33 pe can helppyou gettthe best gas pricee in your neiggborhooo...go to fox- 3 patrol 33 still no arrests, this evvning... evennng...after a flea market raid in dundalk.16 veedors at the noothpoint flee market
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warrants...on saturday. for mooths... undercoverr & detectives have been buyingg counttrreit goodd from vendors. 3 "cops everywhere, shoulddi get you just nevvr know youujust never know"" 3 pooice say the vendorsswere &pselling fakes... of brand names likk nike,,apppe, north ffce, polo and uug.they're waitingg n counterfeit exxerts to confirm that the gooos aree fake. 3 weaaher tomorrow could make &'s chief meteorologist vytas reid with pour first look at tomorrow's & wicked weather weeaher
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3 get he lattst forecaas... school delays...tomoorow n fox45 morning news.get that informatton, even during commercials... on the fox45 -33 news tickkr.fox45 morning news am when severe weather happenn - and schools close.. you can &&paccess the laaesttinformatiin right oo your ceel phone.go to 3 for mobile""at the top 33 download theefox45 mooile news app for your droid or i-phon
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3 the fire hhttcrippled the carnival cruise ship triumph appaaently started wwth aaleak in a fuel-oillreturn line.tte u- s coast guard eleased its prrliimnary findings today 3 authoritiesssay the line was -3 conneeted to ne of the ship's penerators....and that eaking &pool hii a ot surface, -3 startinggthh fire..mre thaa crew were stranded off thh last week.tte triimph was evennually towed into port in mobile, alabama late thursday nighttthe uus coast guard sayss the full investiiation wiil last several montts. -3 p3 a you tube video by a baltimore rapper is getting -3 llt's of web attention... and &&pago. 3 a... kathleen cairrs....reports...//: 'hunit stackz'... was overwhelmed... with grief... elementary school... massacre..../ and... wanted to send a message... pof comfort newtown. -3 3& in this west baalimore - rowhomm: underground:
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3 ptudios') we find one of baltimore'ssfastest rising artists... ((unit staakzz - "normally i do more the unddrgrouud haad core style of hip hop, "bbt rapper hunit ssackz.... is also a pfaher offfour.... (nats song)"i sually dont do these -types of songs... "he is stepping out of his noom: - after the sandy hook -3& shoottngs. (hunit stackz))i -3 couudnt believe t.. ittwass - too much!!((apper)"what makes - yoo want to shoot a hild"he'' written a song.... & (lyrics)"the enemy struck us hard its adicle.. but the pain feet nattonaaladded video.... (lyrics)"theyre & parents needdrest thhy need -&ppeace thhy cant eat thee cantt sleeppand posted it on u-tubb. (lyrics)"who could be sick enought to kkll kids.. ffve -3 years oll thhy didnt even get stacczmade this rrcooding n his own basemeet studii (((cairns)))"its where he hopes his words will bbiin healing to te people of newtown ct."he's been haunned by the event... "i know i
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boughh my childrrn gifts.. & cant imagine coming down oo 3 to oen themm"song nats-"i caat imagine what this painn & could asking ccmmunities to get involved... to heep bring about peace. "in the mornings stee out on your pooch make sure pll the children are going in the school blding safely just the little thhngs.. thhy help" in west balt. (rrpper)".. because those children did not need to die."kc fox 45 news at 10 to 'hunt stacks' tributee... p fox baltimorredot com... &pcom...clickkon "around the wwb" in the hotttopics section &&pon the left ide of the ssreen 3 she says she waa pmarriage...the treatment hhr husband received...ttat's sparking a lawwuit...later on fox45 nnws at ten 3 reading labels...can help youushhp healthierá... also save you money....n ur cover just 15 minutes on foo45 news t ten say something like that to a baby
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-3 baby a toddler... 3 apparently hit... on an airplane...thh action aken agginst the an... accused of doing itt..after the bbeak
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land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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3 baltimore's... pooiie - commissioner... appoints a new director oversee... -3 trainiig...//.the... announcement... folllws the shoottng... of a trainee... at -3 the academyy...last week...//. crime anddjustice reporter ... joy lepola ... with reaction tonightt 3 ((pkg))((insert joy rrcorded tonight academy nstructor ... officer scott kern is at homm... as he remains under 3 investigation. it comes as baltimooe's police commissioner... finds a new commander to take over 3 ((track)) training is
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expecttd to ressme at baltimore city's police academy this week. but the leadership has changed. -3 today, the olice commisssoner announced a new ddrector to oversee education and traiiing 3 get back to ork. city councilman brandon scott is - connident that the appointment of major oseph smith go a llng wwy to restore trust in the police cademm.23:18:59 pe's been in the dept sincee 1187 so he as he experrence - the depth and knowleege of the &ppept.((fullscrren)) smitt once served as commanderrof the police academy he was also a firearms (??) training instructor as well as, the commander of iiternal affairs smith's aapointment comms at - academyy an insttuctoo hot a police trainee in the head llst week. 23320:00 if they feellas if they're not safe in traininggthen they now - they're nottgonna be safe on the street the commissiooers suspended several top & commanders followiig last - weee's incident. a move one formmr ccdet says could and &pshould haveebeen made a loo &psoonee. al zalivansky ... wass let go ddrinn his taining. because so mmny nstruccoos could do so many things wroog -pand nevee had ny consequences
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3 leadershii... in a setting that appeared to e governed &pby an unwritten set of rules. 1:35:04 i thinkk altimore &pcity aalnggwtih oohhr academiessneed to up their &plevel of trainnng and certainly in bbltimore citt traiiing doesn't seem to be a priooity. doctor tyrone powers is thh directoo of the -3 police academy at anne rundel & couuty community college. p136646 this should never ever &pever happen ever. with investigations launched.... &pballimore city's mayor tells fox 45 .....she upports the commissioner's decision to appoint a new trrinnng director.mayyr 17:32:54 wwre gonna ggt to the bottom of it as for officer scott kern... thh man who shot the cadet he was suppooed to be with the 8 year eteran tooay..- he declined to discuss the events that unfooded laat week.... or why he had a loaded fireerm ... oiited in tte irectiinnof a begin with. jjyylepola fox 45 news at 10. 3 the man... accused of plaapingg.. a toddlerr.. this now... out - of workk wook..ccording to coout documents, ... jonaa's mother... trred to 3&pthe altitudd change... as the plane &pdesended...//. ttis.... idaho man... & reportedly used... a racial slur./..thenn--
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docummnt,... the man slapped jonah... with aa pen and.,... -3 causing him "i could not believe he would say sometting ike that to a baby r about a baay ann then to hit him i felt like i was pin another world i was shaking" identified... as... joe & hundlee.. and was an executive... of aa aerospace compann..../that company issued a staaement today... saying that resigned. tte white house says t's just -3 a backuu plan. but nnws version oo immigration reform -- caught many onncapitoo hhll by surprise. surprise.jjst 3 weekssago... president barack obama seem tt promise to let congress make immiggatton reform......but &povvr the weekend...a draft of a white house plan on 33 includdd an 8-year path to citizenshhp for the 11 million ppople living in the u.s.
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illegally a quickkrr path to citizenship -- as short aa two years ---for pllegal immmgrantsswho came to america as children ... tte so- called "dreamees" ... 3 paul says: "there are many people hoothhnk democrats issues. they don't really ever pann to pass them because then &pthey'd no looger aveethh republicans to blame.. 3 the leading republican on the issue, sen. marco rubio, slammeddthe llakkand chargee the president's plan is "halffbakee""- 3 it's... been... nearly... 3---yearrs.. since president obama's... signiture law -/ the... &p sincee... then... more than ... 77- 3 gott...special waivers... from the ggvernment....// &pfrom having to play... by....some of the rules... of -3 obamacare....// as... naaional orrespondentt... -3 kristine fra-zow.... of... those &pcompanies... are... the ssme nee... who supported p... the measure... inn.. the first plaae. placee pte list has reached more than 17-hundred - bbsinessss around the ccontry that have appliee for
10:21 pm
and rrceivedda waiver for &prequirements - as outlinee in 3 with text over]]they inccude darden restaurrnts hich owns - pnd red lobster and employs 34 crackee barrell with more than & 16 thousand employees (16,8233 and many mmny more.[[[tand-up at rri.]]the outdooos store recreaaional equippent innorporated is also on the list oo companies that received waivers...the ceo of -3 r-e-i was just nominated by president obama to be a member obama - february 6, 2013"i am nominate another stronn and ccpable leaaer to take the reins t interior nd that is miss sslly jjwell."[[take fullscreen - rri statemmnt]] -33 according to r-e-i - tte waiier allows the company to 3 insurancc plan to their --3part-time mployees. [[higglight the ffllowing pusinesses in fullscreen]one pf the more common ttpps of busiinsses that reeeived waivers are unions...smaller branches of the s-e-iiu...he iib-e-w..service employees benefit funnd heee are mmree than 400 locaa chapters.james caarettasenior felllw, ethics
10:22 pm
and public policy ceeter 30:08830:20"i thinn i wws aa little surprised about how many unions who really financee and pushed ffr thh enactment of this law and -3 turned aaound withhn months of its enactment and said we'd like o get out of some of its & provisions."[[cutaway and - pookkover]]james capretta ii a & senior fellow at the ethics and publii pplicy center, and cooauthored the book why obamacareeis bad for ammrica. & he sayssif there'' a law that so maay are able to get around - hen what's the point?james papretta/senior fellow, ethics pnd publlc policy center & 27:35"it really brings into question whetter this was a good idea in the first place." &p- like the heritage poundation's ed haiilmaier say come jannary 2014, whee manyy of the provisions o into 3 effect:ed haislmaaee/ssnior 3 foundation14:52 "the biggest & losers in this are going to bee paaticularry if the exchangeesdon't work and he & coveragg isn't available, help.i'm kristine frazao reporting. &pthe... white--houue... designed... to ssrve as a - bridge... etween thh time... the health care law... was passeda& and... - january...
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20144..///. - 3 see... a cooplete liit... of all the bbsinesses... that received waivers... / go to... fox-baltimore dot com laah newslinks 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 3- 3
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33 he was hrrwn out... with the trash...hissowner... thought he was deadhow garbbge-men 3 still 10 minutes on & fox45 news at ten 3 (brenda)"that i dont look aa and i eelly should... laugh.. im just being honnst.." honest.."the 3 grocery & pou mmney..áandá improve yyur our cover story... after the break
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tonight, one in five children will go to bed hungry. -3 3 now... there... is a -3 national campaign... which targets... poor... inner city families... / and... pteaches them... how too shop... for nutritious food that is also affordable. 3 the program is underway heee in baltimore. kathleen cairns uncovers three heaathy shopping secrets... in tonight's cover story story 3 p decisioos made in tte grocery store isles coulddhavee a major influence on the health of our family. (steven &prink) "yeahhim getting stringg cheese for myykids.""steven has sevvral
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hoiccs:(steeen rink) "i got ccucky cheese string.. for my kidd and thee -3 price int to bbd..((ow much) 298"i asked him to read the nutrition label"fat five grams, aturated fat three - grams"(((chef))))"in every isse in every location in a ppportunitt to save money and increase your health"chef greg & silverran givee us a guided tour .... secret shopping tippnumber one: come armed with a list: (chef)"i dont want to pay three times ass much to have sodium added to my foodd. i'd much rather buy some brown rice and cook off a 3 has a list:(danna jones- shopss for her other)""hick sliced bacon.,.two loaaes of whole wheat bread.."preeplanning can save mooey and prevent good - fooodfrom becoming arbage. (cairns standup)""tatistics aaot of food each yyar... in fact 6 hundred doolars of worth of food eithee goes bad... is nevee used or is perishabbe... wasted and gets thrown outt "this is for my
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mother...and no rocessed food i nnver buy his for home but &pmy my mther is 89 lives by herself. this is easy for her"" (chhf)"we might say someone - wanns some spicy fire roasted tex mee tooatoes" shhoping tip number two: read labels (close on cans)"in our fire spiced ones.. theres 30 percent of the sodium forrthe day and in our reguuar &ptomatoes its only 9 pprcent and we would tell peoppe add your ouw sodium salt spices.. to the quantity they want as & opposed to not havinggan show grow up hungry & campaigg.... chef ggeg gives low income amilies imilar phopping tours.... (phyllis - mason)"we'll i look for bargains" the aim: eat right and... ssveemoney. phyllis mason)""wo ollars and ninety eight cents."(chef alking)"we areegoing to head to the rice isle and sort of canned prottin" take time toolook
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pt the choices:(chef) "sometimes sommthing thaa is ooerlooked that is really economical and doesn't go bad is ccnned proddcts.. like - canned tunafish""hopping peccet number three cooking matters:(silverman)"we think about moving aaay frrm deep fryinn nd using oree ils and gging nto rrasting and pan &psearing and grilling.. thiigs that use a llttle less fat" in theefrozen section we find brenda:((renda and brevvrd mccullough))yes if i have the time to do it bbt if your pressed or time alrraay madd 3 healthy choices... like... healthy cchice!"-chef-"we alloo urselves o make the ccoices.."(bbenda)(pulls ox out) "i like this because it chicken... broccolii we sked - (brreda)"that i dont look at - and i really should... laugh.. im ust being honest.."honesty others ssare tooo:no i should but im not big on it.. i nutrition to much!""nats phopppng with hhbby)"chicken marrnara..i like this onn.... (pulls from freezer) ya & gettinggone?"but health -3 experts say takkng a little timeeto shoo right and eat right... will help you save money... and pprhapp live bboccoli) "and thh priie on
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this is really a great deaa"in &psoutt bblt kc fox 45 news t 10 ,3 the non-profit group... ''hare our strength' - ... uns the 'cooking maaters''campaign..../ pesides teaching families how to shhp they also show them how to prepare food so it can - stretth into two eals. 3 go tootheer website... its linked tt ours... fox- baltimore dot com slash newslinks 3 3 this little puppy... ...almosttthrown out with the trash...the thing that allrted garrage-men... that he was still alive...aftee the breakk- 3 aad i'm keeth daniels... we're live whhre an acccdent costs one boy is life............onight, why dozens of other teenaaers werr back here where it happenndd ......that'' newwat 10-30, coming up.
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3 new at 10-30 tonight... friends and amily of a mmddle school tuuent are remembering he teenager hit -3 anddkilled by a car in parrville. parkville. kkith ddniels.. ssreeming live along harford rood here loved ones gathered tonight at a vigil
10:35 pm
for michael truluck.. who died one year agootoday.. keith. keith. jenniffr..... that accident happened behind e on this veey busy stretch o arford road... near the autozone. and -3 tonight, several kids were here where they lost a very friend. 3&p 33 at thh corner of harford - road and parkttwne road.. there's a gathering.. at least 100 teenagers o reeember a teeeager.. aaloved one.. a friend.(maat/best friend) "i just mmss im. i wish he as still hhre on this eerth. bbt, tooay is the one year phat hh passed away riiht -- here.. and it's just killinn me insiie, slowll and slowly.. and i don'ttknow what else tt &pdo." michhel thomas trulluk tumbled out of a car on harford road.. nd waa struck and killed in trrffic. he was 13-years-old. it happened on a ssturday iiht a year ago this nighh. one can of four loko.. a
10:36 pm
became ill.. then opened his door to vomit...he fell out of the caa.. and was hit by on cooing traffic. at the --3&pviggl, not much talk about that......(ms. watt/faaily & friend) "but i hope it's a lesson leerned and these kids don't drinkkanymore.. don't do things thee're not uppose tt. because, this is what happens." michael's accident may have been tragic... but here, this night they're celebrating his hugs.... and a song from his the candles burn..- (ccdric/friend) "if you think about ii.. when it comes down to it, he was just fun, fuu to be around, he always madd somebody lauuh. ii you''e - having a bad day, just go to mikk and then hh waa ggne. ss, everybody every didd't know really what to do bbcause 3&pparty, life of the joy all the time.. (michael jr/faahee))"i just really appreciite eveeyooe coming ouu and showing their support and not forgettinggmy boy. hh was a ssecial kid and uh, i just llved the hhck out of him nd
10:37 pm
-3 3 the makers of 4-loko have made sooe changes ssncee tru-luck's death.. and after ccncern roo he federal trrde 3 include, removing caffeine.. ann adding new labels that more accuratellshow buyers just how drunkk hey can get on aasingle can f the drink. - live in parkville, kd, fox 45 neww at ten. p3 jerry uss.../ tte... owner... of the los 3who... led the team... thru... 3 died. buss....died in l- a..., at cedars- sinaa medical center.../ from... kidney 33 alsoosuffering from cancer...//. unner... buss's... lladership,,.. the lakers... wonn.. ten titles... - between 1980 andd2010...//. lakers... stars suuh aa... pobe bryant, ... magic johnson... and kkreem pbddl-jabbar... all played for &phim..../. buss... ad an unusual baccground.... orra sports magnate.../ he...
10:38 pm
started out... as a chemistry prooessor.../ got into &preealeetatt... aad... then ot rich enough... to buy the lakers...//. 3 ""nybody associated with the nba since 1980 and perhaps decades, certainblyydecades in tte future, ad elite athletes &pworlddwde benefitted greatly from jerry buss' impact on the game of professional basketball." &pbaskettall."buss was 0- old. 3 country music star mindy mccready is found dead at agee 37... of an apparenn suicide. mcready's bodd waa discovered sunday on the front porch of her arkansas home.her death comes just weeks affer her music producer- ooffiend died -& of what authoritiesshad ruled - p self -inflicted gunshot tte countrr charts in the &mii-90's... bbt personaa career beginninn in 2004. & mccready leaves behind a six-year-oll son and a son 10-months-old. 3 a puppy is left to ie ... in thh bottom of a
10:39 pm
trash can. buu thanks to an aleetttrash collecttr ... sparee. iihael named... the dog... "garby" -/ -because... his first owner... - threw... him in the trash, puuday... thinking.... he... died offparvo....// hh... heard whimpering... aad... thought... it as his... co---& worker...///. out... of... thhe corner... of his eye..../ &p michael... noticee someehing... mooing... inside... a lue -3trash bag..../ open.".../// 3 upccurrh sayy: "it was a terribll sound ...thhs ol' doggyyhere hollering safe me i guess in doggy talk".upchurcc & says: "i got him and e wass just ll wt. he was just laying there one one side. his legs aad armed he was frozen ssiff". stiff". garbyys doing fine tonitee.. &p meantime.../ face chargee ...// 3 -3 33 &p
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3 3
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33 the devicc... that could prevent a annerous fire... in
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your 10 minutes on fox45 news at en &p3 i wws unmarried, rrgnant nd they took away my livelihood." livelihood." 3 she says sheewas firrd... for claims of gender discriminntion...after the break
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3 an... update now - on a mysterious... and... dangeroos new virus. viruss 3 the... world pheaatt organization says... at least a dozen peeple... ave become sick... with theenew virus... it calls... -3& n--co-v...// potentially attl viruu... has... sympttms... like... acute lungg.. infections,... 3 others... &p uffered pneumonia and it's... only ssowed up abroad, .../ bbt... experts say... they wooldn't be surrrised... if... itt appeared in the u.s...///. 3 a california woman says she was firre from a christian college..... for having preemarital sex.and now she's 33 school.teri jamme is sixx months prrgnant. up until four -3 months ago, she was a & financial aid specialist att san diego hriitian college. being fired...... ot because
10:47 pm
james says her boyfrrend, who is now her husbandd- received compleeely differeet reatment ffom the school. he was -3 offered a job even though thh pchool knew he wws james' boyfriend and a father to be.. now, thhy're filing a gender discriiinntion lawsuit against the school. "i feel likeewhat san &pdiegoochristian college did to me wws hurtful and un-christ like. i was unmarried, pregnant and they ttok away my livelihood." school officials declinee to be iiterviieed.but 3 they're hiredd ... which prohibits premarital sex. &pafterrclosing its 3doors in augusttdue to oney wwee---a mmreethan 30 year old -3baltimore recreation enner-- is being revitalized. amber miiler explainss..
10:48 pm
p volunteers... spent... their president's day... cleaning up.... the barccay... rec center---/ preparing... -3& for... its grand reeopening. re-openingg -3 3 ((nat sound up)) sprucing up a more - than 30 year old uiidingg-- again.((sot--john bernet)) (((aa sound up)) for years ttis recreation cenner- with after school prograassfuture plans & are ven biggee.((sot- nick jones))
10:49 pm
people feel like they can just come ann it's kinda a hub.> ((sot- devin mialee))
10:50 pm
firr... caused... by a clothes prevent this... after the break
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
3 there are reports onight hat theeeewill be a meeting this weekbetween joe ffaccc's aaenn and ravenn executives at the nfl combinein indianapolis... this after a couple weeks of inaction following the ssuer bwl.. powl.. 3 theeravens are reportedly lookin g at thh possibility oo putting the ffanchise tagon
10:53 pm
flacco, whhich would cause a -3cap hit of over 14- million..ann s much as 20 million...that would obviously severly hannicap them goingg forward, aadneither side seems to want was thh first day they could have placed the tag on flaccoo.aad' they didn' that could be &pttey ave until march 4th to deice to place the tag...aftee that, it's gameon..sty tuned. 3 in arasota, the orroles rosser looks very faailiar to last year' big name free & blockbuster trades...but theee arr ggyy - who will e on the fiild that we didn't see much of in 2012... -3 2012...brian roberts is one oo those playerr...he says he's & healthy...ann along with nolan reimold and nick markakis,,thhe o's lineup should have some extra pop to ittthat was 3 staying idll in free agency cannbe hat's best for the team...that's what b-rob is &pcounting on... 3 3 whyy arren o'day
10:54 pm
3 waaned to stay in baltimore 3&ppe'shon howard is back on the 3 3 phousands... 3 year... by ...clothes dryers... clogged wiit 3 consumer reports justttested the lint lizard, aa & inffmerciil productt to see iff 3 results. 3 this fire started n the dryer destroyed by a fire that started in a cloohes dryer.
10:55 pm
fire officials say lint had built up in the dryer'ssduuts - and ccught firee tt prevent pragedies like these from happeninn in your home, it's from your dryer's ducts andd - lint trra. consumer repoots tested a new infooeecial & product alled the lint lizard that promises toohelp. chyrrn: infomercial(sot: infomercial) -3 "it's like a mmgiicwand that cleans deep into any dryer." the lint lizard attaches to yyur vacuum cleaaer. you -3 ttread theetube through tte opening of a dryee's lint trap. &pbernne deitrick checked to see -3 how much lint it coulddremove & from the dryer. (sot: bernie &pdeittick)"the lint lizard -3 worked reelly well. t reeovedd &ptechnique that we ttied." but -3 one ddawbaak - the linttlizard may not fit easily into vvry sharp tip coollddammae flexible foil or plastic ductwork. however, consuuer rrports doosn't recommeed these kindd oo ducts anyyay. chyron:bernie deitrickconsumer reports(very tite)(sott"it cann pag like thhs, collect lint, and cause problems with venting your dryer." ccnsumer far better - either flexibll or solid. you want to lean
10:56 pm
& those at least once a year. preveet a tragedy. traggdyythe lint lizard osts &p10- 99 plus shipping and handling at the company's you can get it for less at major retailers, iicluding walmart, fox45 news at ten. the things people could ánotá use... to build these on fox45 news tt ten 3 ...and coming up in just 3& edition... a collrado woman claims size discrimination.what she sayss & too fat. 3& and anotherrdog to he ressue. &phow this one saved he llfe of its owner and that's not all.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
3 the jackpot is up to 300 dollars.we draw the nexx winner in our freebruary
10:59 pm
contest... tomorroo on 3 here was one added ccallenge 3 illlnois all contestanns - needdd was a cardboaad box ann duut tape to enter the race at ski snow-star.'...and that's actually all they could have... no ood, glue, or ny other adheeives were used to hold leds ttgether.....- children of ll agge were able 3 down he slopes. onny theefastest ssee, but

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